Rocket league matchmaking terrible

Bad luck or matchmaking trash? :: Rocket League Discussions générales

Bad luck or matchmaking trash? :: Rocket League Discussions générales

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A subreddit for news announcements, roster changes and discussion about Rocket League Esports, especially the RLCS. Subreddit for all kinds of Rocket League cosmetic item trades. A subreddit rocket league matchmaking terrible for Rocket rocket league matchmaking terrible building, friend making, and tournament hosting! A subreddit designed to match players and coaches together. Created for players who would like to get help via gameplay analysis.

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For all kinds of Rocket League tournaments. For the Rocket League modding community! Pretty new to this sub but not new to Rocket League. Started playing in 2015, took a long break from 2016-2019 and then recently took up the game again once the pandemic hit.

I have noticed that since the new update, the matchmaking has been significantly worse than before. I decided to log my last 10 games, just to see if a simple experiment would paint an accurate picture of how terrible the new matchmaking is.

Info on the matchmaking: I played casual doubles, US East. Game 1: Joined late with about 1 minute remaining, only teammate rocket league matchmaking terrible a bot, and we were down 6-0. Game 2: Normal game, ended up losing but it was an even fight. Game 3: Joined game late, me and a bot vs another player and a bot. Game 4: Game ended immediately because the other two players left right off the start of the rocket league matchmaking terrible. Game 5: Joined with 0:37 remaining, down 11-0.

Game 6: Game ended immediately, other team left off the start. Game 8: Game ended immediately, other team left off the start. Game 9: Normal game, full lobby and all that jazz, lost though : Game 10: Joined late, bot as a teammate and other team had 1 real player and 1 bot. If that was the case, how did I end up with a bot in 50% of games when before it was a rare occurrence? © 2022 reddit inc.

Is matchmaking going to kill Rocket League?

Why Matchmaking sucks, and Rank Matchmaking is going to Kill rocket league. After playing this game for almost 4000 hours, Ive started to notice a pattern within the rank community. The Matchmaking is utterly broken.

rocket league's matchmaking system is broken

Are teammates to blame for being stuck in the same rank?

Blaming teammates for being in the rank you are in is easy to do, and SOMETIMES justified, but if you are stuck for a long time in the same rank, its on your part. It is easier on the ego to say that teammates are to blame for everything rather than admitting your own skill is still insufficient to be in the higher ranks, but you get my point.

Is the matchmaking broken?

The Matchmaking is utterly broken. I primarily play around 1550+ MMR in doubles and the games are relatively good. however in standard, it has reached a point where the game differential is so significant, the games arent even worth playing since the MMR variance between players is so high.


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