Mlbb bad matchmaking

Soon death of MLBB.

Soon death of MLBB.

Sign up now, Make more friends, Enjoy with more features, Let you easily Fun Community. You have to for download or view attachment s. I am Legend V 1 star.

My teammates are 3 mythic and one Legend I 2 star. Those nop mythic players are trolls. Two of the mythic players took non expert heroes. One took Hayabusa and he never got a single kill. He died 10 times and 6 assists. He is not punished even though his score was 3.

He is not a Hayabusa main and not even Hayabusa expert. But he picked Hayabusa and trolled the entire game Another one picked cecilion. He is also mythic but not an expert cecilion. He got mlbb bad matchmaking kills and assists but he doesn't know how to use cecilion. He goes front with cecilion mlbb bad matchmaking gets killed by enemy Lancelot.

Another mythic player took gusion. He is mlbb bad matchmaking first assassin and that Hayabusa is the troll who picked second assassin. Enemy had good team work. It looks like there was a trio in enemy. But I am a solo q player. I was s5 and forced to play mlbb bad matchmaking. I hate it when I am forced to play tank. It's really bad matchmaking.

How much terrible is mlbb matchmaking?

Very Much Terrible ~ Dont Play Mlbb Until There Is A Good Matchmaking , We All Gotta Agree The Game Give Us Unfair Matchmaking , It Would Be Good If The Players Line Is Very Bad They Would Be Ban From Entering Rank TwT Poor People Win rates And The Players Rank To Drop .


Why is Mobile Legends’ matchmaking so bad?

Matchmaking plays an important role to ensure that the match is competitive, battling each player’s skills, lineup and teamwork to brawl. However, Mobile Legends is notoriously known for its bad matchmaking system.

Is mlbb the worst game for customer support?

MLBB has probably the worst Customer support of all games. They have staffs who don’t play mlbb anymore, some even don’t understand english, devs don’t care about user feedback. Moonton, mlbb’s company Ceo is an ugly woman (Sarcasm in a comedy sense) who has fetish for narcissistic males.

What happens when bad players match up with good players?

if bad players match up together and they always keep losing, they will leave the game and not spend any money. if bad players match up with good players, they are happy since they get to win sometimes and will spend money on events. It happened to me today. Its happening everyday.

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