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15 Things You Need To Know About Celeb Dating App Raya

15 Things You Need To Know About Celeb Dating App Raya

There is a secret world of celebrity dating that A-Listers don't want us normals to know about. A brand new dating app called Raya, that is so exclusive we have had to do some serious digging to find out exactly what happens behind the scenes. The world discovered this hidden, secret dating club when Kelly Osbourne's profile on the app was leaked online.

This caused everyone to ask - what is Raya and how the hell do we get a slice of the action? However, it's not that easy, known as the "Illuminati Tinder" users can't just pay up and start matching with celebs, as instead you have to either be dating app for verified instagram or selected by a top secret committee.

Mashable reported that digital dating has almost tripled in the past three years for those aged 18-24 dating app for verified instagram Tinder users are swiping right and left more than dating app for verified instagram.

So, of course, it's a great time for celebs to get in on the action and Raya has proved very popular. Here is everything you need to know about this latest dating trend. There is a completely secret and anonymous committee who grants permission for members to join once they have completed a lengthy application process. Members can also be recommended via their own friends on the app but even that proves exclusive.

Profiles show photo slideshows set to music. One well-known singer uses his own tracks — cringe! Acceptable job titles include: famous nightclub DJ, advertising executive, international model, performer, musician or record label boss. Keeping the crème de la crème of professionals on the app allows Raya to keep the A-Lister subscriptions up high. Business rating website Best Company online argued this kind of attitude came across as too 'elitist' for many potential users. They claimed, "The app has been criticized for being too exclusive.

Raya wants to market to 'famous people' and has been known to give off an elitist vibe. Each person is selected for a reason, and everyone is verified as real before acceptance. Members do not have to worry about getting spammed or running into fake accounts.

Raya makes sure it is not a place for 'catfishing'". True enough as those who don't move in circles considered the dating app for verified instagram would not have heard of Raya. Remaining exclusive is part of the company's overall niche and it doesn't look like they are changing their initiation process anytime soon.

Raya's team evaluates applicants by an algorithm of their own. The main important factors are: Overall Instagram influence, the Instagram influence of who recommended their application, and how many active Raya members follow the applicant on Instagram.

We aren't talking 5,000 or even 50,000 followers here would cut it on Raya - the ideal following to be allowed dating app for verified instagram their app would be 250,000+. This also allows the committee to decide if you are hot enough as they trawl dating app for verified instagram all the images on your timeline.

Once accepted users create their own 'stories'they can start to pick their best images for their profiles and add music to the slideshow. Making sure there is a certain 'quality' to their users also keeps the premium subscription rates up. Although the bad news is that the app is not compatible with Android users - so iPhones only! Usually, users can be matched up based on their location, sexual preference, hobbies and dating app for verified instagram goals - however, with Raya, it appears you just have hours of headhunting to get through if you want relationship success.

With the lack of personality quizzes or compatibility tests available, it proves that Raya could be swaying more towards the superficial side as users judge each other primarily on looks. Psychologist Randi Gunther, author of Rediscovering Love, told Psychology Today, "The result of these new dating patterns is that most people involved in them for any length of time have become superbly good at the game.

Unfortunately, this practice of no-loss superficial-risk relationship behavior seems to me to be ultimately self-destructive. He is also the brother of 50 Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson, although his sister has no plans to join the app. During a press tour for her movie How To Be Single she revealed, "My brother has this dating app called Raya.

My brother started it with dating app for verified instagram other people, I have no idea how it works and I refuse to be a part of it! His next movie was an Australian budget horror Prey that had a limited release. Jake Wilson, film critic for The Age said it was: "A film that aims so low and fails so miserably deserves nothing but contempt".

Hopefully, his venture out into the dating world will prove more successful than his brief acting career. If you screenshot anyone's profile then expect to receive a lengthy message stating the rules and that this kind of behavior will see your profile permanently blocked if there is a repeat. If their personal dating profile gets out online then this could prove quite embarrassing for them.

Raya is determined to keep the app as secret and lucrative as possible. Writer Alice Hines told The Cut, "Most of the half-dozen Raya members I interviewed were skittish about publicly discussing the app, and preferred to remain anonymous. DJ's Avicii, Diplo, Samantha Ronson, and Flume all have profiles alongside musicians Dating app for verified instagram Durst of Limp Bizkit and Moby. Other celebs confirmed to be on the app include Ruby Rose, Sharon Stone, Alexander Wang, Cody Simpson, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Elijah Wood, Trevor Noah, Teri Hatcher, Matthew Perry, and even Zach Braff.

Think of all the Hollywood parties you could get into when it comes round to date night. Celebrities enjoy dating online with even stars like Hilary Duff and Mariah Carey going public about being fans of Tinder. Although Tinder had introduced verified profiles for stars to join in the fun but many of them found the giant blue tick by their name very indiscreet. Note: now he has 4.

And while JJ posts pics of himself on stage or at big-name bars, my recent images include a picture of me gurning with a mud mask on. He has already had quite the lucrative love life after dating Taylor Swift for three months in 2008 before ending the relationship over the phone so he could start dating Camilla Belle. Jonas and Belle dated for a year before he hopped over to singer Demi Lovato. Then last year he began dating model and Taylor's BFF, Gigi Hadid. It's no surprise he's had to turn to dating apps to seek out a new relationship with his reputation of being quite the player on the LA scene.

The point of Raya is the more celebrity pulling power they have - the better time users have. One anonymous user told Alix Fox, "You see people who you would never go up to in public.

Or maybe a celeb profile shows up and you decide to reject them. Companies exploit the power of celebrities and employ them to advertise just about everything. As famous people are instantly recognisable and attract consumer interest, they can bring attention to a brand in a way that no other type of advertising can.

If they keep at it and stick to their exclusive ways, then the creators could be on to a real moneymaker. Celebrities are scared of sex scandals or their personal life leaking online so it's not so easy for them to meet people in bars or at parties - the cost of finding true love is always a lot higher for them.

Sparkology is another luxury matchmaking service for "well-intentioned men and women," where users are all verified graduates of top-tier schools.

Luxy is another exclusive app that only allows wealthy members to come on board - keeping the gates closed to all the poor people. Hanky is a gay-member only app that strives to only let big name players in and "keeps the creeps out. Founded by Amanda Bradford, she explained to The Guardian, "The brand of The League is really for these ambitious driven, young professionals that want to date other ambitious, driven young professionals. Our requirements for women are just as rigorous as our requirements for men.

The men know that women they meet in The League are career oriented, intelligent, ambitious and are working just as hard. He told Page Six that he met another user at her million-dollar New York apartment that had been paid for by her very rich parents who also owned a private jet and were close friends with a presidential candidate. John recalls, "Within minutes, she got naked, handed me her phone and asked me to photograph her. She had floor-to-ceiling windows and her doorman was watching us from the street.

Really, the company is doing everything it can to create a disruptive exclusive experience. Fact Tank online found: "5% of Americans who are in a marriage or committed relationship say they met their significant other online. Time magazine reported, "The central problem is that members of show business couples are competing in the same field, and their power balance keeps shifting as their careers wildly ebb and flow.

Add to this scenario the fact that stars are often apart for long stretches of time—usually with attractive, available people—and the temptation to stray is generally far higher than in a setup between two office workers.

The truth is a celebrity romance is a money-spinner for any star. More commonly known as a "showmance" or a "Fauxmance", famous rumored examples of the past have been Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and most recently Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston.

Tiyana Grulovic also told F ashion Magazine how thrilling it could be mingling with celebs on Raya too. But there are so many shirtless dating app for verified instagram and actor guys looking for something else.

How do I get verified on Instagram?

Log into the Instagram account you want to get verified via the Instagram app for iOS or Android and navigate to the profile tab by tapping the profile picture in the bottom menu. Select Settings .

5 Reasons Why Instagram is Critical for Dating Today W/@FreshandFit

Is Instagram the best dating app for You?

And as people continue to tire over the superficiality of Tinder and Bumble… Instagram, seen as more “real”, is fast becoming the preferred app of choice for meeting and dating online. With this in mind, it would be silly to pass up on this gravy train of opportunity and not milk Instagram dry of the womanly juices you can gain from it.

Can random people get verified on Instagram?

The good news is that even though Instagram claims that verification is only for well-known, highly searched for person, brand, or entity, there have been cases of random people getting verified on the app. Instagram does not provide any details as to how famous the person has to be. Which means there is a chance that anybody could get it.

Is it hard to get the Instagram verification badge?

Getting the verification badge on Instagram (or any social media for that matter) is a big milestone for your business. It proves your account is worth watching and engaging with. However, all the benefits come with a challenge-it can be hard to get approved.

Dating on Instagram?

How do I verify my Instagram account?

How to Get My Instagram Verified 1 Log in. Log into your account. If you have more than one Instagram account, make sure you’re logged into the account you want to verify. 2 Request verification. 3 Confirm your identity. See More....

What does it mean to be verified on Instagram?

An Instagram verified account gets a verified badge. It’s a blue seal with a little checkmark that appears next to your username. You can apply for Instagram verification with either a personal account or a business account.

How do I get a Verified badge on Instagram?

To request a verified badge, you must be a public figure, celebrity or brand and meet certain account and eligibility requirements. To request a verified badge, you must be a public figure, celebrity or brand and meet certain account and eligibility requirements.

How do I verify my Facebook account?

However, submitting a request does not guarantee that your account will be verified. Go to your profile and tap in the upper right corner. Tap Settings. Tap Account, then tap Request Verification.

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