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Matchmaking is the WORST : BattlefrontTWO

Matchmaking is the WORST : BattlefrontTWO

Welcome is the 1 place on Reddit for all your Battlefield Battlefront 2 matchmaking reddit news. Discuss BFV and share content with other fans. We hope to see you on the Battlefield! Ranting posts are not allowed. Click below to see the exact removal rules. Excessive self promotion or promotion for financial gain is not allowed.

You know the difference. Stop looking for subs here. If you want to post a platoon, either use the Find a Friend Weekend posted every Friday-Sunday or please look over at. All Platoon advertisements will be removed. This is a Battlefield V subreddit. All discussions should remain on BFV, WW2 and related topics. Discussions involving other games and off topic materials are not allowed. Because planes have a spawntimer battlefront 2 matchmaking reddit lost unlike in Battlefront 2 where you can get when ever you want with a very small amount of points in a plane.

This results in an always populated airspace in Battlefront. And that in turn, takes away the attention from the pilots to the infantry, because they are forced to fight against a steady flow of enemy pilots. Additionally airplanes aren't nearly as strong against infantry as they are in Battlefield. You wont see a hail of Bombs in battlefront 2. In conclusion really good pilots in Bf5 are able to decide, dominate and stomp a game without much trouble.

Which leads to frustration on the infantry side. Firstly they have a spawntimer just like the planes and are significantly stronger against infantry. Because in Battlefront even normal gunshots are damaging the tanks decently where in Battlefield it does nothing to the tanks.

There are far more tools in Battlefront 2 against tanks, like grenades with no need for ammuntion, instead they have cooldown. Minigun of heavy melts tanks. Support shield can defend against tanks for a short amount of time while you can run to cover. In Battlefield you need assault class most of the time and even then battlefront 2 matchmaking reddit are dependent on ammunition all the time.

Assault is totally useless if he has no rockets anymore. The only option you have is to hide then. Heroes gives the opportunity to hard carry as a good player on the weaker side.

Lets say you have only 4 good players on your team and the enemy has 10 good players. This will quickly result in a onsided match in Battlefield, in Battlefront it wont. The 4 good players are able to crush the normal enemy troops and the 10 good players on the enemy side arent able to play 10 heroes at the same time.

The amount of heroes on the field is limited. The enemies are basically throttled in their potential to stomp battlefront 2 matchmaking reddit in Battlefield where the infantry has always equal strength gameplaywise. So ironically stomping gets bigger when the infantry has equal battlefront 2 matchmaking reddit.

Yes it sounds hypocrite, because I said pilots battlefront 2 matchmaking reddit tanks are far more gamechanging in Battlefield, but the problem is that any noob can steal your tank in the overview and snowballing wont be as big as a SINGLE player. Then you have to wait till he dies, till the spawn timer resets, you have always to check the overview, its not reliable way to hard carry as a single guy. Should you get in a plane at start of the match your chances are better to carry, but what are you doing if the enemies have very good antiplane tanks and more than one good pilot in airspace.

So do you get what i say? Single good players get far more more punished than several good players on the enemy team in Battlefield. Death is more punishing in Battlefield, because you have to walk a good amount of time after dying while the enemy can continue to capture different flags. There are many chokepoints in Battlefront 2, making the grenade spam even stronger, creating more chaos, good players will have a hard time to go trough this hallway of explosions.

So at first it sounds like it would make the game more difficult than Battlefield BUT the gunplay battlefront 2 matchmaking reddit so incredible easy and shallow that any noob can hold battlefront 2 matchmaking reddit aim on the enemy.

And positioning isnt as important in Battlefront unlike Battlefield duo the higher TTK. Mindless casual noobs in battlefront who just want to run and gun, without paying attention to positioning and surroundings will have a better time than noobs in battlefield. There is a reason why capital supremacy games feel so balanced in battlefront 2.

It is often times a back and forth and it drags a lot compared to battlefield games. That are the reasons to it imo. You can correct me if something doesnt make sense to you. Maybe my logic is flawed. Be free to share critic. At the end of each game it matchmakes you with an entirely new group of players based on your performance.

Personally, I'll take the risk of 1 bad lobby that I can easily leave instead of not being able to choose my map rotation. I believe battlefield's team balancing issues stem from team play elements.

The obvious answer to me seems like break the squads apart to prevent stackingremove reviving so that a lack of medic doesnt affect the outcome so much and prioritize balancing friends might be put in different squads. The game has so many other issues as well, but until they fix the human component from making things one sided, the game wont be balanced.

And if what you are saying is true about battlefront 2, it seems to prove my point. Guns in Battlefront have no recoil, you have infinite bullets, you can always heal to max health by yourself you don't really need your teammates. There aren't hard to use-high reward weapons in Battlefront I agree with the fact that 1 good tanker or pilot in Battlefield can rather often stay alive literally the whole round and win the round; but it's also the case from Battlefront and heroes You do see unbalanced games more often in Battlefront 2 matchmaking reddit 5 than in Battlefront but the reason is on the gamemode, the winning team from the first phase has to be on the attacking side on the second phase, and this phase is waaaay easier to defend than to attack, you need to really have a better team to win the second phase in only 1 try.

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Are BB-8 and BB-9E coming to Battlefront 2?

We’re back with more news and information on the next update for Star Wars ™ Battlefront™ II. Back in December, we mentioned that both BB-8 and BB-9E would be coming to the game, and you also got a sneak-peek at them in the trailer we released.

Battlefront II matchmaking system if it worked properly:

Whats new in Star Wars Battlefront 2?

Fixed various collision and visual issues on Ajan Kloss, Jakku, Crait, Felucia, Kashyyyk, Yavin, Starkiller Base, Geonosis, and Takodana. Fixed areas that could be exploited by jetpack-wearing characters on Hoth, Jakku, and the Republic Attack Cruiser. Made various adjustments on the Co-Op map on Jakku.

Is Scarif coming back to Star Wars Battlefront?

And, yes – you heard that right – we’re bringing Scarif back from 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront! This is one of the most highly requested planets and we’re incredibly excited to see it return to the battlefront.

How will Kylo Ren act in Star Wars Battlefront 2?

We’ve seen him rolling at great speed through multiple environments in the films and he’ll act the same way in Star Wars Battlefront II. He will feel fast, able to move in and out of harms way at speed, while also being able to capture a Command Post at a quicker rate than others.

NEWS UPDATE: Matchmaking Changes, Proper Balance & More - Battlefront 2

Who is BB-9E in Battlefront 2?

BB-9E is a First Order hero in DICE s Star Wars Battlefront II. He was added as part of the BB Update along with BB-8 . BB-9E is the first droid hero for the Dark Side and is a support unit with abilities that support other Dark Side heroes and troopers.

How good is BB-9E in Fortnite?

BB-9E is primarily a support hero with abilities that reward friendly players who stick close to him. This is best seen with his Bacta Support passive ability and his Charge Up ability. His Smokescreen ability is very useful in close-quarter areas. Lightsaber users in particular will have a hard time tracking BB-9E.

How does the BB-9E work in Star Wars?

On activation, BB-9E pushes and damages close by enemies with an electric pulse. Enemies further away will have their blaster overheated and grenades disrupted. BB-9E will damage close by enemies for the remainder of the active time.

What is the difference between BB-8 and BB-9E?

Similar to BB-8, BB-9Es main weapon is a shock prod that will damage enemies. Unlike BB-8s shock prod, however, BB-9Es will stun enemies while dealing lower damage to compensate. BB-9Es passive ability Bacta Support heals friendly units around him by a small amount. This may be improved with the Potent Bacta Star Card.

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