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A Short Argument for Early Dating of the Gospels

A Short Argument for Early Dating of the Gospels

Acts shows Mark can be dated in the 50s, and the undisputed early dating of other books confirms that the Jesus of the Gospels was not the result of a myth evolving over time. Virtually nothing discovered during that time undermines the Gospel accounts. To the contrary, recent discoveries have given more credibility to the content of the Gospels themselves.

For example, we know the Apostle Paul died during the Neronian persecution of A. Paul was still alive at the close of Acts, so that writing came some time before A. It is undisputed that Paul wrote Romans in the mid-50s, yet he proclaims Jesus as the resurrected Son of God in the opening lines of that epistle. The Jesus Seminar claims that the humble sage of Nazareth was transformed into a wonder-working Son of God in the late first and early second century.

The epistles, though, record a high Christology within 10 to 20 years of the gospel of mark dating. That simply is not enough time for myth and gospel of mark dating to take hold, especially when so many were still alive to contradict the alleged errors of the events they personally witnessed. There is gospel of mark dating good reason to assume the Gospels were fabricated or seriously distorted in the retelling.

Time and again the New Testament writers claim to be eyewitnesses to the facts.

How does the Gospel of Mark end?

The gospel ends, in its original version, with the discovery of the empty tomb, a promise to meet again in Galilee, and an unheeded instruction to spread the good news of the Resurrection of Jesus. Most scholars date Mark to c. 66–74 AD, either shortly before or after the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 AD.

Mark Gungor about Dating

When did mark appear in the New Testament?

Mark probably dates from 66–70 AD. It appears as the second New Testament gospel because it was traditionally thought to be an epitome (summary) of Matthew, but most scholars now regard it as the earliest written gospel.

When was the Gospel of Mark written?

This means the gospel of Mark was written at a point in time when Mark was in Rome, and when the church there was undergoing persecution. This would be after the ending of the book of Acts, during the persecution of Nero, around 64-68 A.D.

How do we know when Mark was written?

The starting point for dating Mark is that our earliest church tradition says Mark wrote in Rome after Peter’s death. That’s in the “anti-Marcionite prologue” to Mark (which is likely 2nd century) and in Irenaeus, Adv. Haer. 3.1.1 (written around 180). Peter probably died in Nero’s persecution of 64-65.

On the date of the Gospel of Mark

How many endings of the Gospel According to mark are there?

16:9-20 The Ending(s) of Mark. Four endings of the Gospel according to Mark are current in the manuscripts.

What happened to the original Gospel of Mark?

The possible loss of the original ending is especially unfortunate because many biblical scholars consider Mark to be the earliest and most reliable gospel.

Why is Mark’s ending so abrupt?

So the ending of Mark only seems abrupt when it is compared to the endings of the other Gospel accounts – which is doubtless why, in time, the additional verses were added to Mark’s original ending.

Does the Gospel of Mark end at 16/9/20?

I don’t own a commentary written in the last 100 years that argues in favour of the longer ending of Mark’s Gospel. Not one. “It is virtually certain that 16:9–20 is a later addition and not the original ending of the Gospel of Mark.” (James R. Edwards, The Gospel According to Mark, Pillar New Testament Commentary.

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