Cons of dating younger man

Pros and Cons of Dating a Younger Man

Pros and Cons of Dating a Younger Man

While older-man-younger-woman relationships have been the norm for generations, the reverse is just about getting normalised. Whereas until a few decades ago, these May-December relationships were considered to be outliers in the world of love, now many.

Susan Winter, co-author of the booksays, "Older successful men are used to being in control of a woman, and that doesn't sit well with modern women. Younger men have grown up with working women and have worked for female bosses, so they're more likely to treat women equally. They don't have to be submissive and pander to the coy feminine stereotype in the relationship. But, like any dynamic, this too, comes with cons of dating younger man disadvantages.

Here are some pros and cons of dating someone your junior. He will make you feel young again! You are as young as the company you keep. His youthful energy will rub off on you, and he will bring adventure and spontaneity into your relationship in ways that an older man can't. He can bring in an element of innocent fun that a jaded older man can't. He's not as cynical as that older man who's been through heartbreak. Or, even just life! The younger guy is fun, and up for all sorts of road trips, music concerts, and game nights that the older man may just be too exhausted or overworked for.

You will rage under the sheets. God's biggest joke on love is that a man's sexual appetite begins to dip right when a woman's hits its peak. This won't be a problem with a younger guy, who's up for some sexy time whenever you want! Bonus point: He will also have more stamina, and can keep you going for hours, or at least multiple times a day!

He already respects and admires you! He knows you've lived your life, had your experiences, and you got shit handled. You don't need to prove yourself to him, or fight to earn his admiration. He comes with it right from the start. Nor does he feel threatened by your independence, because he got into it knowing very well that you are your own person. He'll be more supportive of your ambitions. Younger men are brought up in a different world, surrounded by more examples of independent, ambitious women.

Chances are, he won't see your career dreams as a taint on your moral compass. In cons of dating younger man, he will support cons of dating younger man because he wants a relationship where he is not the sole bearer of financial responsibilities. Cons: New gaps to bridge You may have different ideas of what a good relationship entails. Modern day dating can be complicated. If you belong to the old school of love, and he doesn't, you may not agree on the definition of cheating, or what romance means.

Heck, you may not even agree on what to call this thing you have! He may not be ready to cons of dating younger man. While you may be all set to tie the knot, he may need a few years to get there.

If this is something that comes up in your relationship, ask yourself a simple question: What's more important to you? Solemnising a relationship, or being with this person, open to seeing where the two of you go?

He may not be financially stable yet. But, it shouldn't really matter, should it? Except that you may have to either pay for those luxury international vacations, or hold them off for some time.

But, hey, as long as one person in the relationship is financially stable, and the other isn't in it for the money, then who cares who's bringing home the bacon? You risk mothering him. As tempting as it may seem, avoid throwing the age card at him when it suits you. Regardless of the age gap, you are not here to fix his life. You are here to be his partner - shoulder to shoulder! Your timelines for having children may not match.

Your biological clock may be ticking, but he might need some time before he can play dad. Again, you need to assess what's more important - having a life with a cons of dating younger man and a child, or having a life with him.

Is it good to date a younger man?

Dating a younger man can be exciting, but dont overlook the potential downsides of the relationship. Check out the pros and cons. Dating a younger man can be exciting, but dont overlook the potential downsides of the relationship.

Kenya Moore Opens Up about Dating a Younger Man

Are young men more likely to be cynical in relationships?

Younger men are less likely to be cynical. If the man you are with is a few years younger than you, then if you have much less relationship experience than him, he probably has not dated seriously. Older men are often cynical in terms of relationships in general, although they still desire camaraderie.

Does a younger guy pack less in a relationship?

But a younger guy likely is packing less. “Men can have preconceived notions about women and relationships based on past experiences,” says Samantha Daniels, a professional matchmaker and president of Samanthas Table Matchmaking. “The younger and less experienced he is, the more open he’ll be in his relationship with you.”

What do men really want in a dating relationship?

Again, have the conversation early on about what each of you are looking for. Many men will put what they want in their dating profiles (“hookups only,” “LTR,” or “looking for a woman to spoil”) so don’t ignore what’s right in front of you.

Kenya Moore Opens Up about Dating a Younger Man

Is it fun to date a younger man?

Dating a Younger Man? Here are 13 Things You Should Know This article was written by a professional love strategist. If you want to learn the 7 Little Love Steps, click here. Dating a younger man? It can be fun, especially if you’re 40 or older and figuring out what you want in terms of dating and relationships.

What are the significant benefits of dating a younger man?

The significant benefits of dating a younger man 1. Younger men are often physically driven. What you should know about dating a younger man is that they generally have... 2. Younger men usually have fewer responsibilities. Older men often have responsibilities like children or a stressful... 3. ...

Why do women in their 40s date younger men?

Women tend to appreciate the fact that theyre the ones with more life experience in the relationship. Many women feel empowered dating a younger man and being the more worldly one. After all, being a woman in your 40s dating a younger man can be seen as a power play.

What do older men want in a relationship?

While an older man may want to have children and settle down, a younger man might want to keep sowing his wild oats, have an open relationship, and not be into the idea of commitment . If you want to date a younger guy, it’s essential to be upfront with him right away and talk about what you want in a relationship.

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