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13 FREE Easter/Spring Printables

13 FREE Easter/Spring Printables

Easter is such a special time of year! The world wakes up after a cold winter and turns green again. Make this year even more special and meaningful for your family with our Christ-Centered Easter Countdown! Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Our gal, ofdid such an AH-mazing job on this design! Scroll down and see.

{Alexa has done a ton of projects for us and each one is beautiful and unique! Check out her dating divas easter scavenger hunt if you ever dating divas easter scavenger hunt custom design work!

} Our Christ-Centered Easter Countdown is jam-packed full of ideas, activities, and questions that will make the real meaning of Easter more special and important for your family. And once you download the file, you have it year after year so that each year is packed with the same Easter traditions. Just load up the calendar with all of your Easter traditions and as you add them to the gorgeous banner, you also have a darling spring home decoration!

This is one of my favorite Easter traditions… focusing on Christ and taking that time to learn more about Him! All of those are in this section, including Passover Meal Invitation, Easter Scavenger Hunt, Printable Resurrection Play Set, Christ-Centered Coloring Book, and Easter Board Game.

Help your dating divas easter scavenger hunt learn more about the true meaning of Easter in a fun and creative way. Easter traditions like these are what help make memories that last a lifetime. Easter Countdown Banner Each letter in the Christ-Centered Easter Countdown Banner has a pocket, along with a Christ-Centered Conversation Card or Christ-Centered Activity Card that goes inside the pocket.

A family member can see which of the 14 Easter traditions in store for the day by checking inside the letter pocket each day of the 14-day countdown.

Read through all of the activities and conversation cards. Pick which cards will work best for your family. Add a card to each of the 14 pockets and {TA-DA} your Christ-Centered Easter Countdown Banner is ready! Personalize your countdown to Easter by picking which cards will work best for your family and add them to your banner.

We wanted to make sure each Easter countdown was unique and personal for each family. If you have younger children at home, you might add more Christ-Centered Easter Activity Cards. If your home is full of older kids, your Countdown Banner might have a majority of the Christ-Centered Conversation Cards.

You can also use this year after year, switching out what goes in the banner to make each year unique and new. Christ-Centered Activities Six of our Christ-Centered Activity Cards dating divas easter scavenger hunt accompanying printables to make your Easter countdown even more fun and meaningful. Some of these darling Easter Traditions include a Resurrection Story Coloring Book, Easter Scavenger Hunt, and a Traditional Passover Meal.

Christ-Centered Easter Basket Tags Finish off your 2 weeks of Christ-Centered Easter traditions with our Christ-Centered Easter Treat Tags for your family. Simply fill each Easter basket with a thoughtful and fun reminder of the Savior. This printable kit is the perfect way to start new meaningful Easter traditions with your family this year.

Make this spring season memorable and special for your family as you begin new Easter traditions!

Are there any Easter scavenger hunt clues meant for your spouse?

Once you have kids, holidays tend to be all about them–but that all changes with these Easter scavenger hunt clues meant for your spouse! The day of all things eggs is right around the corner and we’ve got a post full of Easter egg scavenger hunt clues your hubby will DIE for!

DO YOU SEE IT?! Egg Hunt! Happy Easter

Is there a sexy scavenger hunt for adults?

If you’re a fellow scavenger hunt fanatic, you’re in luck. We are taking one of everyone’s favorite activities and adding a little bit of spice to it with our Sexy Scavenger Hunt! We have some super fun scavenger hunt ideas for adults below and are including free printables to go along with it, of course.

What is scavenger hunt Date Night?

Scavenger Hunt Date Night Activities The unique twist In this scavenger hunt date night is that you must complete the task or activity together as a couple before moving on to the next clue. Much more interactive and memorable! The beauty of the scavenger hunt date night is that you can completely customize the activities that are included.

How do you make a scavenger hunt with your spouse?

Begin by verbally giving your spouse a clue to the location of the first envelope. Once they find the hidden envelope, they can open it to reveal the first activity. Together as a couple, take your time to complete the task or activity. This scavenger hunt is not about speed, but rather enjoying a fun interaction together.

easter egg hunt

Do you offer clues for Easter egg scavenger hunt activities?

We offer two sets of clues for Easter egg scavenger hunt activities. One set is for use outdoors and one set is for use indoors. You can have a fun treasure hunt indoors or outdoors or you can combine the clues and riddles and make the kids go indoors and outdoors.

Is your husband die for Easter egg scavenger hunts?

The day of all things eggs is right around the corner and we’ve got a post full of Easter egg scavenger hunt clues your hubby will DIE for! Yes, that’s right.

What are scavenger hunt clues?

Scavenger hunt clues are questions, riddles, puzzles, and hints that lead players to objects during scavenger hunts. For example, “if not for me, the birds would live in a hole in a tree” leads treasure hunters to a birdhouse.

Is it possible to make a romantic scavenger hunt for your spouse?

No way! In this post, we’ll show you how to make a romantic scavenger hunt for your spouse that you can do ALL at home and that eventually leads to a romantic picnic for two. It’s simple, romantic, and allows you to spend quality time with your favorite person in the world. Not to mention, this romantic date idea is quarantine-friendly!

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