Dating for 2 months what to expect reddit

Dating a girl for 2 months reddit

Dating a girl for 2 months reddit

His best friend knows me. I am only concerned because it seems like he spends more time with his friends than me and it has been 2 months of exclusive dating and he treats me like a girlfriend yet has not mentioned me being his girlfriend. Could it be just because we aren't communicating about it or what? Don't hold this against me, I was a stupid teenager once, too. I'm in the longest of LTRs. Back when we were teens I'd signed up for the reserves, and I'm walking around my kitchen table and I just kind of blurt out "We should get married before I ship, because it means I'll get more per month.

I knew I was going to marry this girl, and I was pretty sure that she was willing to go through with it. But to her, this was the death of a fantasy. No falling roses, no bended knee, just me on a phone, a few days away from leaving for months, saying "Let's file some paper work to get some extra money baby! On that note, there was never any doubt. But I was being practical about it, while she was waiting for me to be romantic about it.

So what it comes down to. At least not with sticky notes on people's foreheads. We tend to keep a list in our head of what's what and go with that until the situation changes. So if you want to know where you stand, then you can either keep guessing, or you can just ask him.

I'll bet he'd be surprised you didn't already know. I tried to say. He got defensive and said, No we are more than that. Yet, he still refuses to define us even though I send out casual hints once and a while. How does he introduce you? Does he use any qualifiers, like "This is my girfriend kayce" or any sort of. I don't want to say 'possessive' but I guess 'intimate' body language, like his hand in the small of your back?

It seems like you got over the big hurdle, being exclusive together. If that talk went well, this might just be a hangup of his rather than a problem. Maybe just drop it on him, the next time you have a chance to introduce him socially, "This is Jimbob, my boyfriend" kind of thing.

I don't think I ever dating for 2 months what to expect reddit asked someone if they would be my girlfriend since I was a teenager. I've been with my current girlfriend for four years. I never once asked her to be my girlfriend.

It was just understood after a certain period of time had passed. So to answer your question OP, he might simply not think it's necessary. Also, what does him asking you to be his girlfriend mean to you? Are you concerned about him seeing other people? If that's the case then you need to talk to him so you're both on the same page.

The real question there is that you want to define a set of boundaries for the relationship and want to see if your partner agrees, which is fine. Basically, go talk to the person you're dating rather than the internet because he's the only one that can answer these questions for you. While that's a natural desire, the problem is that people have different opinions around what sort of boundaries the label implies. Teenagers and sometimes even adults won't have figured that out.

Instead of having a natural series of honest discussions around what the relationship means to them as it progresses they will resort to the shorthand, and that's likely to cause a misunderstanding down the line.

If he acts super close with you but doesn't want you to hang with him and his friends, and doesn't want to call you his girlfriend, it could be because he's not sure yet whether you will be a social asset or detractor. Hopefully he's not that superficial, but I know for sure that I have been like that - hesitant to call a girl my girlfriend because I wasn't sure she would "represent me well. Like you said, dating for 2 months what to expect reddit will get your best answer if you just communicate, and ask him how he feels about your relationship and if that label is appropriate.

It could get even harder if you try to address it out of insecurity, like with vague hints and trying to tease information out of him, because if he is dating for 2 months what to expect reddit about it then he will only get more opaque. I can't speak for every guy, but if the conversation is awkward to have, I'd rather it be openly awkward than hesitant and weird.

Perhaps you could dating for 2 months what to expect reddit him in a self-assured manner, something like, "Hey, I feel confused about our relationship and was hoping we could talk about it.

I want to be your girlfriend but I feel like that's not what you want, is that true? But my feeling is, you shouldn't be approaching this as if you are pleading with him to grant you the title of GF. Rather, you are a valuable person and you need to know if your time and energy are worth investing in this relationship. He may have a legitimate reason for all this; if so he will talk about it and want you to understand where he's coming from.

That is the least you deserve. If he's not willing to engage in direct conversation about it, however, he likely doesn't see a future with you, regardless of how he acts when he's with you. Any mature man will have this talk with you, and want to take responsibility for his actions. If he dating for 2 months what to expect reddit do that, I say red fucking flag.

However, the "test run" may continue if you aren't clear about the direction of the interaction. Men should be responsible and make it clear what the intentions are. Which means you need to be straight up with him and ask him what is going on. If he says, "yeah I want to be with you exclusively" then great, if he goes with "I'm still getting over my last breakup and need time" it probably means he's simply not ready. Why do you feel like the burden is on him to take this in one direction or the other?

Be an adult and ask him about it straight up. He made it clear we arent going to date anyone else. I think I just want to be sure he is serious and does not view this as a temporary thing and has the same deep feelings that I do. The thing is that I dont feel like non sexual physical affection is appropriate outside of a commitment of some kind but he has begun doing that.

Or they think that is just assumed. It is important to have good communication and really be on the same page though. He may just be afraid to bring it up but perfectly willing if you mention it and give him an opening. When it comes to making the "big steps" such as making it official or even eventually saying "the L word" there is a stigma against guys doing this too soon and some try to avoid this but then end up not saying it at the right time.

As a friend of mine said, bring it up too soon and it's seen as desperate, clingy, coming on too strong, etc. We had gone about two months and everyone else thought we were a couple. I had not yet admitted it, not because I was ashamed or didnt want to, but I didnt know if I was ready to admit it to myself that I loved a girl that much. She ended up telling me that if we were to move forward that we would both have to acknowledge to each other that we were dating.

So I would just straight out let him know, Hey, What we are doing is definitely making me believe we are dating and I like that. I want you to acknowledge it dating for 2 months what to expect reddit. If he wont accept your feelings he probably isnt worth it, you seem like a smart lady who knows how to treat him right. If he is worth it, he will agree and then you will know. I have never asked a girl to be my girlfriend in that capacity either; I just know and I do have an expectation that my partner knows as well.

You should raise dating for 2 months what to expect reddit topic if you need to be sure; I think you will get the reassurance you seem to want.

Is a 2-month relationship serious?

O personally wouldnt call a 2-month relationship serious. Thats because Ive been married 10 years, and that determines my internal definition of what serious relationship means. For me, 2 months is the run up to discussing if youll be exclusive or not, which I think we put off until 3 months.

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How long should I wait to tell my boyfriend I like her?

You should wait until the 4-5 month when he’s more comfortable to open up to you. For me the opposite happened and I liked a girl and told her I liked her. She never said she did, would not hold hands in public and did not want me to meet her parents at the start.

Is seeing someone every other weekend a serious relationship?

If I see a girl everyday for 2 weeks, we have spent more time together than your hypothetical 2 months but only seeing each other every other weekend. To me, seeing someone every other weekend is not serious.

How often do you think is enough time for a relationship?

Really enough time for a serious relationship is based on the number and nature of experiences you had with each other. If only good times, then no, If you never see each other under stressing times or moral conundrums, then you dont know who they really are. How long is not as relevant as how often.

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Is a 2-month relationship serious?

O personally wouldnt call a 2-month relationship serious. Thats because Ive been married 10 years, and that determines my internal definition of what serious relationship means. For me, 2 months is the run up to discussing if youll be exclusive or not, which I think we put off until 3 months.

Is it normal for a relationship to not last 3 months?

Here are 11 signs your relationship won’t last past three months, according to experts. At the beginning of a relationship, texting, calling, and messaging might happen often.

Do you know where you stand at two months in a relationship?

Anyone who gets to the two month mark of a relationship should know where they stand with the other person. Any relationship coach or dating expert would also agree. Having this type of conversation is also dependent upon the two of you and your relationship.

What does it mean when youre dating for 3 months?

The three month-mark in a relationship is usually when you either take the relationship to the next level and become more serious, or you decide that love isnt going to grow and you break ties , dating coach, Anna Morgenstern, tells Bustle.

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