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Browse all scammers by name, country, city

Skip to the section on. Ile yangu iko na shida. Send the money to this number. My number has a problem. The con line has been attributed to the prison birds of Kamiti Maximum Prison.

If you are a regular MPesa user, you will receive plenty of these messages. Your chances increase with your usage of MPesa especially to make transactions — these guys must be seers as they behave as if they can really see your MPesa transaction history and even planned transactions. The year was 2016. Mbugua had been supplying our office with laptops for a while and even offered support whenever we experienced technical hitches with our gadgets.

Since we had grown to build trust, I asked him to bring me a personal laptop that I would pay for in installments. So I ignored it. But Mbugua had not arrived in the office yet. I tried calling his number, and it was disconnecting me. I tried again, and again, and nairobi dating scams.

It was not going through. What if he is in trouble and really wants me to send the money through MPesa? I tried again and again without success. He surely must be in trouble, I must send the money to the other number straight away! After a short while, I called Mbugua and the call miraculously went through.

I nairobi dating scams if he had received the money and he was shocked I sent it to another person yet he had promised to come and pick it. I hang up and frantically started calling Safaricom customer service. They did not pick. Sent a message on Facebook. They had always resolved my Facebook issues in less than 5 minutes but this one took 2 nairobi dating scams to get any response.

We even tried calling the postpaid number but still, it did not go through. When they finally spoke to me, they advised me to report the nairobi dating scams to the police as the recipient had withdrawn the money immediately it hit his account.

I wondered why they could not trace the person through the agent as it would have been possible to even capture him on CCTV cameras, and there was a high possibility that he was a regular at nairobi dating scams shop. Anyway, I could not argue over the phone with people who did not have the capacity to help me recover my laptop installment.

After work, I went to the Parklands police station to report the fraud. The officers there showed me the book they had recorded MPesa fraud cases. After much discussion, it was clear that even the police could not help me.

I went home convinced that somebody at Safaricom was involved in this fraud. Cons can steal money from your mobile wallet using various tricks. The most prominent one in the history of MPesa fraud involved several Safaricom staff members who were involved in.

This technique involved the remote swapping the SIM card of a potentially loaded but unsuspecting MPesa subscriber. They even asked their victims to use a different number while resolving the issue with their lines, so that by the time the probing was over, the victim would have no control whatsoever over their SIM card or MPesa account.

ID spoofing One of the measures people used to escape the SIM swap fraudsters was by mastering the official Safaricom number, 0722000000. However, criminals keep devising new ways to steal. This is their profession so they must keep innovating to do it without fail.

They started engaging in such that when they called, targets would genuinely think the caller is a Safaricom customer care agent. So it has become extremely hard to secure mobile money accounts in Kenya.

Fake accident stories Nairobi dating scams have also heard about the fake accident stories. A fraudster calls you saying your child, named so and so has been nairobi dating scams in a grisly road accident and was rushed to the hospital. Nairobi dating scams must send some money for the child to be admitted, and so you do only to realize that you were scammed when you call the school or your child shows up at home healthy nairobi dating scams sound.

How to protect yourself I am very discerning and never thought I could be conned, but I was. It is very easy to fall into the traps of these fraudsters.

How to spot online dating scams in Nigeria?

How to Spot Online Nigerian Dating Scams. 1 1. Requesting visits. After only a couple of messages, your new match claims strong affection for you and requests a secret visit with you. If someone ... 2 2. Going off-site. 3 3. Wrinkles in their stories. 4 4. Always asking for something. 5 5. From 0 to 100 real quick. More items

Exposing Nigerian online love scammers

Are there any online dating sites in Nairobi?

To work your way around all of the pitfalls why not use one of the best online dating sites you can find in Kenya or anywhere in Africa, Afro Introductions. This is a massive city so there are plenty of single women in Nairobi seeking foreign men online.

How many Nigerian romance scams are there?

With over 25,000 known scammers worldwide, and a good chunk of them coming from Nigeria, there is no telling how many con artists have yet to be discovered, so always be cautious when chatting online with someone you’ve never met before! Could you be a victim of a Nigerian romance scam?

What is it like to date a Nairobi girl?

One good positive is that many of the Nairobi girls have an interest in foreign men and also speak English at a decent level. They won’t be fluent, but you should be able to communicate with many.

Meet the scammers breaking hearts and stealing billions online

How do Nigerian dating scams work?

These scammers usually endeavor to find middle-aged, single, or widowed women who are in vulnerable situations. When carrying out these Nigerian dating scams, the scammers tell a rather expound story to attract potential victims. They make fake profiles with pictures of appealing individuals, mostly taken from other online profiles.

Which is the best dating site to spot a scam?

5 Ways to Spot Common Online Dating Scams (And 9 Trustworthy Sites) 1 1. Match. was founded in 1995, making it the first dating site ever. No one has more history and is more respected in the online dating ... 2 2. Zoosk. 3 3. EliteSingles. 4 4. eharmony. 5 5. OurTime. More items

How many romance scams are there each year?

In 2018, the FBI received 351,937 romance scam complaints. It’s no secret that there are deceptive people online who want to take advantage of vulnerable and lonely individuals — and they see singles on dating sites as easy targets.

Why do online dating scammers misspell words?

Poor Grammar Online dating scammers are normally located outside of the victim’s country, meaning they may not have the proper grammar that is possessed by natives of said country. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they will misspell words, though.

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