24 year old man dating a 40 year old woman

24 year old guy 40 year old woman can I work? : dating_advice

24 year old guy 40 year old woman can I work? : dating_advice

Yes this is a throwaway account cause this question is a little embarrassing I mean just cause she's so much older. I first noticed her about a year ago around the office. Short and with a very feminine build with blonde hair and the most beautiful blue eyes 24 year old man dating a 40 year old woman ever seen on a woman. I'd catch glances of her whenever I could but never introduced myself because we were at work and I thought it would be inappropriate. And anyway I could tell she was a little older and thought she was probably married.

But my crush got pretty intense so one day as we were both leaving the office I walked over to her car and I introduced myself. I 24 year old man dating a 40 year old woman her name was Tammy and she just turned 40.

Well I'm fresh out of college just 24 I knew she was older but had no idea she was that much older. Still I asked if she'd like to grab coffee or something sometime. She just kind of laughed a little and said well I'm flattered but we both know I'm too old for you.

To be honest it hurt but whatever. I kept taking glances of her but avoided her the best I could after that. Then my friend from the office Todd had a New Years party at his house. I'd been drinking a little too much when I noticed Tammy was there. She'd been drinking too and I went up to talk to her.

The alcohol dulled our decision making skills and we ended up making out in the back of my car. Wow she may be older but that was possibly one of the best make out sessions I've ever had. After that Tammy agreed to go on a few dates with me. She was a knock out on every one but she was afraid everybody would think she was my mother - never happened.

I've had a lot of fun with her and want her to be my girlfriend. Do you think this would be a good idea or not? I mean obviously we like each other but I don't know. I guess given her age I should mention her past she's been married once they divorced after he cheated on her. She has an 18 year old son in college and a 15 year old daughter that lives with her dad two states away.

So her kids are not really in the picture. I like her lots and I could even see this ending in marriage but what do you guys think? Is it a mistake? The biggest possible obstacle will be if you ever want children. Assuming she's even able to do so now, by the time you two are ready to get married, she may no longer be able to carry biological children to term. And even with the other options, such as surrogacy or adoption, she may simply not want to. Children take up a lot of time and energy, as someone who has already raised to children, she just not want to go through all of that again.

At 45, the idea of running around after some toddler may sound exhausting, but you'd be 29 at that point and want it. And the problem is that even if you're sure you don't want children now, that could change, as you're still growing and changing. There's no guarantee that your paternal instinct won't kick in 5, 10, or even 15 years from now. And, as a man, you'd still be able to physically have children, if you find a younger woman for that. So, really, she's taking a much bigger risk in getting seriously involved with you than you are.

It was really great. She had money, time and was a knockout in bed and really appreciated an energetic young guy. But honestly, be realistic about this. It's probably not going anywhere. No reason not to do it. But you guys have almost 20 years difference and will have different relationship goals, expectations, and levels of maturity.

I'd say go for it, just be reasonable about the outcome. That's where you respond "I dunno about that, I have a feeling you'll be calling me daddy soon enough" It almost always makes her laugh, breaks the sexual tension, and allows you to lead things on from there, at least from my experience. Glad you made it happen anyway though, get after it man, who cares about 24 year old man dating a 40 year old woman the rest of society things!

If you're attracted to someone, then do you. Serious 9 month relationship. I was 25 when I met her. Tips: Age really is just a number. If she wants something more in the future, tell her she can always come to you about it, but DON'T pressure or bring it up; let it be her idea. If a woman thinks she's better than 24 year old man dating a 40 year old woman because she's wiser or has more experience, she won't respect you and assuming you end up in a relationship with her she'll either cheat or break up with you.

Stand up for your opinions, and don't be afraid of confrontation or calling out small shit tests. Don't take her seriously until she mentions commitment. That was my lethal error. Learn from my mistakes. I don't think I've met one, actually. Oldest woman I met that I would consider marrying was 34, beautiful thing from Eritrea. I would say this is definitely a mistake. It would turn into something you regret, I'm fairly certain. © 2022 reddit inc.

Is it possible to date a 40 year old man?

While dating a 40-year-old man is different from dating a younger guy, you’ll love how clear, communicative, and upfront he is. He won’t waste your time or bring any extra drama into your life. The best thing you can do is give him the same. He may be a stable and secure fox, but don’t count him out.

24-Year-Old Man Dates 61-Year-Old Woman

Would you date a 25-year-old woman?

At 25, they are still in some way maturing and gaining life experience. My rule of thumb is never date anyone younger than 30 years old. Dont be surprise if she at some point have reservations.

How do you feel about dating a 30 year old?

Im 30 dating mostly 20 and 21 year olds. Dont think age is an issue. Of the woman fits the bill she will be the one. I feel for me dating younger keeps me younger. The way tthe younger women think and are is liberating than women my age. Less drama. Less expectations and go with the flow mentality is super amazing.

Can a 25 year old man marry a 45 year old woman?

And you’re not. Put another way, there’s a very good reason that you don’t see many 25-year-old men with 45-year-old women. According to Wikipedia, only 1.7% of marriages have a wife who is 10+ years older than her husband.

24 Year Old Woman Dating A 43 Year Old Man😂

Do men in their 40s date younger women?

Though there are some men in their 40s who still have their eyes on younger women (hello, Leonardo DiCaprio!), the truth is most 40-something men want to date someone close to their own age. “The idea that men only want younger women is a myth,” says Cobden.

Is a 40 year old Guy dating an 18 year old girl?

He is old enough to be your father. If nothing else, that means you listen to different music and watch way different tv shows. The other thing is that 40 year old guys dating 18 year old girls are creepy. Not creepy that he is attracted to you, just creepy that he took the step to date you.

Are men in their 40s too superficial when it comes to dating?

As a result, there tends to be a lot of men in their 40s who are looking for women in their 30s, says professional dating profile writer Eric Resnick. This can leave the women in their 40s with the feeling that the men in their age group are superficial and have unrealistic expectations.

What do men in their 40s look for in a partner?

Men in their 40s are usually looking for partners. They know the value of companionship. If you’re the lady for him and if he’s the man for you, know you’re going to have someone in your life willing to meet you halfway. A true teammate. #4. Give him his space

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